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DAI manufactures automotive data acquisition, datalogging, and real-time instrumentation systems.


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Our premier product allows you to have the same information that professional telemetry systems offer, but at a fraction of the cost. You'll find our product has a large featureset and will datalog the most critical sensors and inputs on your fuel injected vehicle. Most importantly, you don't have to install vendor supplied sensors. Our system works with Ford, GM, Honda, Bosch, and Toyota sourced sensors. If you have a vehicle with ties to any of these companies, then it's likely your vehicle is supported.

The DAI acquisition system piggybacks your existing EFI wiring and uses the stock sensors.

Our acquisition unit datalogs these inputs:

  • Battery voltage
  • RPM
  • Injector pulsewidth
  • Vehicle speed
  • 7 additional analog inputs (Coolant temp, TPS, Air temp, Manifold pressure, Mass Air Flow, etc)

In addition, there is an expansion connector that will allow you to connect add-on modules. These modules may control electrics fans, VTEC, Nitrous, or a shiftlight, there are many possibilities.

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See screenshots of the datalogging software currently in development.

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