Fuel injector pulsewidth calculator

This calculator is intended to help people generate a reasonably close idle pulsewidth value for DIY fuel injection systems.
It isn't as accurate as a fuel injection system, it uses flow instead of mass to generate the pulsewidth. The constants used are 1.58 SCFM per HP, 80% duty cycle for injector max pulsewidth.

Displacement (CID):
Idle RPM:
Rev limit RPM:
Volumetric Efficiency at idle RPM:%
Number of injectors:
Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (lb/HP):
Idle Manifold Absolute Pressure (kpa):
Injector minimum open time (ms):
Injector size (lb/hr):
Number of injections per cycle:
How many strokes per cycle:
Recommended injector size (lb/hr):
Max HP with above injectors:
Max PW @80% duty @ Rev limit: (ms):
Max HP @ 80% duty: